IoT Security

IoT systems bring new opportunities and important security challenges. We accompany IoT manufacturers and users to secure their solution at each stage of its lifecycle!

Benefit from our experience

The Internet of Things (IoT) integrates cyber-physical systems that bring new functionalities, optimised operations and emerging business models. Yet, they also create new security risks on data protection and safety. If you are an IoT manufacturer, a service provider or a end-user in consumer IoT or Industrial IoT, we accompany your IoT security journey!

At cetome, we understand the challenges of IoT security and its complexity. We work with IoT manufacturers, service providers and users in the following sectors:

Prepare to new regulations and certifications

We support our clients to prepare to new IoT cyber security regulations.

You are an IoT manufacturer? We help you follow a risk-based approach to identify and enhance your security posture.

You are an IoT user? We develop appropriate requirements to better secure your supply-chain. For more information, you check our panorama of IoT cyber security regulations.

Embed security in the development process

IoT security requires implementing as soon as the development process starts Our experience allows us to support your product teams by integrating security by design requirements in your existing processes.

We make your investment successful by securing every stage of the lifecycle, from conception to release!

We rely on international standards like ISA/IEC 62443 or EN 303 645 and reference guidelines from ENISA, OWASP and more. If you need more information we offer a discovery session on IoT Security and EN 303 645 as well as an in-depth training.

Develop IoT security skills

IoT systems are complex and combine expertise from multiple domains.

When developing or integrating IoT systems, cyber security demands a holistic approach.

Our expertise with manufacturers and end-users gives us an advantage to face new IoT security challenges, threats, and future regulation. We will help you upskill your development and product teams through a series of non-technical training courses.

Our services support manufacturers and end-users at every stage of their IoT lifecycle.

Our IoT Security trainings

We offer the following trainings: