IoT Security

IoT systems bring new opportunities and important security challenges. We accompany IoT manufacturers and users to secure their solution at each stage of its lifecycle!

The Internet of Things (IoT) integrates cyber-physical systems that bring new functionalities, optimised operations and emerging business models. Yet, they also create new security risks on data protection and safety.

At Cetome, we understand the challenges of IoT security and its complexity. We work with IoT manufacturers, service providers and users in the following sectors:

Benefit from our experience

If you are an IoT manufacturer, a service provider or a user in consumer IoT or Industrial IoT, we simplify your IoT security!

Secure IoT systems

Reduce your IoT risk profile with efficient and adapted security measures. This is particularly important for IoT systems with multiple suppliers, such as Industry 4.0 or Automotive.

Embed security in the development process

Embed security by design in your development processes to secure every stage of the IoT lifecycle. This is particularly important for IoT manufacturers and developers. We also offer a training on security by design.

Develop IoT security skills

Improve your knowledge of IoT security challenges, threats, and future regulation. We have developed a IoT security training for non-technical experts.

Secure the IoT lifecycle

We adapt our services to support manufacturers and users secure their IoT systems at every stage of their lifecycle.

Our IoT Security trainings

We offer the following trainings: