The Internet of Things (IoT) integrates cyber-physical systems that rely on computers and networks to collect data from and perform actions on the physical world. These new functionalities, optimised operations and emerging business models lead to important security risks on data protection and safety.

Cetome understands the challenges of securing each element individually and their interactions as a system. We support manufacturers of IoT solutions as well as buyers and operators of IoT systems.

Cetome will help you understand your security priorities and requirements; to be secure and stay secure against IoT threats. We will provide adapted security guidance, define a roadmap with key actions to ensure you can be compliant and stay compliant with the NIS Directive, the GDPR or other obligations.

Sectors of expertise

Cetome has expertise in IoT and IIoT security for the following sectors:

  • Smart Cities
  • Public Transport
  • Automotive
  • Industry 4.0 and Manufacturing
  • Energy and Smart Grid
  • Healthcare
  • Smart Homes and Consumer IoT

Our IoT Security Offering

Cetome promotes a holistic approach to IoT security. We adapt our solutions to secure Consumer and Industrial IoT.

Security by Design

Security by Design applies good security practices at every stage of a solution's lifecycle. Cetome will assist you to implement security by design efficiently by defining adequate security measures and adapting your existing processes accordingly.

IoT Security Management

Security management will improve the security and resilience of your IoT systems and protect your organisation against cyber risks.

Security for Safety

We created the concept of “security for safety” where we identify safety-critical function and develop security measures to strengthen the resilience of your Industrial IoT against cyber threats. This is even more important to comply with the NIS Directive.

GDPR for IoT

IoT systems collect and exchange personal data with several third-party partners. We accompany you to ensure your IoT systems and your organisation comply with the GDPR.

Awareness and Training

We raise awareness on IoT threats, challenges and security solution to understand which risks apply to the business and how security could become a market differentiator.

More Information

White paper: Incentives for IoT Security