If you are an IoT manufacturer, a service provider or a user in consumer IoT or Industrial IoT, we make sure your solution is secure against cyber threats.

Security by Design

We assist manufacturers and developers to implement security efficiently at every stage of your solution's lifecycle. We also propose a training on security by design.

You receive:

  • Adapted security requirements
  • Integration of security into your existing processes
  • An easier way to implement security (e.g. know who does what and when)

IoT Security Management

We help you develop an efficient IoT security management programme to reduce the cyber risks you face.

You receive:

  • An overview of your current IoT security posture
  • Security measures that reduce your IoT cyber risks
  • Tools to manage and measure IoT security (e.g. framework, roadmap, KPIs)

Security for Safety

We implement our innovative concept of “security for safety” in order to strengthen the resilience of your Industrial IoT. Security for safety helps for NIS Directive compliance.

You receive:

  • A stronger resilience for your systems
  • Assurance that safety-critical functions are safe and secure
  • Readiness to the requirements of the NIS Directive

GDPR for IoT

We ensure that the personal data you collect through IoT solutions are protected in compliance with the GDPR.

You receive:

  • A better visibility on the personal data you handle
  • Security measures and tools for data protection in IoT
  • Readiness to the requirements of the GDPR

Awareness and Training

We help you get a better understanding on the challenges around IoT security, threats, and future regulation. You can find more information on our IoT security training.

You receive:

  • A better understanding of IoT security challenge
  • Knowledge on IoT security solutions and their usage
  • Real-life case-studies on security failures and successes

More Information on IoT Security

The Internet of Things (IoT) integrates cyber-physical systems that bring new functionalities, optimised operations and emerging business models. Yet, they also bring new security risks on data protection and safety.

At Cetome, we understand the challenges of IoT security and its complexity. We believe manufacturers can use security as a market differentiator!

We work with IoT manufacturers, service providers and users in the following sectors:

  • Smart Cities
  • Industry 4.0 and manufacturing
  • Transport and automotive
  • Energy and Smart Grid
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer IoT