Cetome is an independant security consultancy based in London, UK and operating globally.

In our connected world, security is an integrated component of our daily lives.

Security is difficult, let us help you!

We noticed that security is difficult and often seen as a burden. We saw organisations spend a lot of money and effort on security/privacy, with little results. Moreover, the consequences of cyber attacks and data breaches have a negative impact on their operations, finance and reputation.

We started Cetome with the desire to help these organisations do the right thing at the right time!

Cetome is your trusted advisor

At Cetome, we believe that security can support a business in the long term.

With Cetome, we want to support your journey to:

For that purpose, we offer a holistic vision of security and privacy to goes beyond their technical aspects. In all our services, we consider your processes, your staff, your culture and your business objectives.

Our domains of activity

Cetome has developed its expertise in several verticals, including:

  • Critical Infrastructure: Public transport, Automotive, Energy, Healthcare, Industry 4.0
  • Innovative Solutions: Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT, Cloud, Blockchain, AI

Our mission

Help you enhance the security and privacy of your business to secure a better future.

We do this by delivering security and privacy consulting services to make privacy and security an integrated component of our daily lives.

What makes us different?

We believe security must support your corporate strategy to reduce your business and operational risks.

We go beyond the technical aspects of security by adapting our solutions to your organisation, its culture and its processes

We believe collaboration in key to protect your priorities and improve your security posture.

We raise awareness on risks and solutions to better prepare your business and your staff against cyber incidents.

Research and collaborations

We contribute to securing a better future by working on research to identify the latest threats and obligations, by promoting collaboration with expert groups and policy makers to develop solutions adapted to our clients, and by relying on dissemination to increase awareness and enhance the current status on security.

Cetome collaborates with the following groups:

Our founder

Cédric Lévy-BenchetonCetome was founded in 2017.

Our founder, Dr. Cédric LÉVY-BENCHETON is a recognised expert in security with a focus on critical infrastructure sectors and the Internet of Things. He is expert in strategic advisory and understands the importance of security to protect business objectives. Cédric believes that security must become more proactive to better anticipate upcoming threats.

Previously, Cédric worked at ENISA, the European Union Cyber Security Agency, where he developed the area of Smart Infrastructures and IoT security, the concept of security for Safety and promoted security-by-design and cooperation. Several of his guidance and recommendations defined key areas of the NIS Directive.

Cédric also led a team of security experts and designed critical networks for public transports. He was also a researcher in telecommunications and has obtained a Ph.D. in Telecommunications from University Lyon in 2011. He has been a keynote speaker in high-profile conferences and has several publications in cyber security.