About Us

Cetome is your trusted security advisor

Who are we?

Cetome is an independent security consultancy based in London, UK and Lyon, France and operating globally.

What do we do?

We started Cetome with the desire to help our customers around their cyber security challenges. We provide a wide range of services to support them in terms of resources, capabilities or skills.

Who are our customers?

Our customers face security challenges and trust us to evaluate and improve their security posture.

We haved worked with the following customers:

What makes us different?

We tailor our services to your needs

Security is often seen as expensive and reactive: investing in various technologies can create more challenges down the line.

As a consultancy, our main priority is to understand our customers and their business so we can develop appropriate security measures that support them.

You will never receive a long copy/paste report from us, as this would create unacceptable risks in our sectors of expertise.

Our vision of security

Our sectors of expertise

At Cetome, we focus our expertise in sectors important to our society. This allows us to develop appropriate security measures.

Our services are adapted to Industrial IoT manufacturers and users, as well as to Operators of Essential Services regulated by the NIS Directive. We have expertise in:

You can learn more here.

Our research and collaborations

We contribute to securing a better future by investing in research and developing solutions to make security efficient in the light of new threats, emerging technologies and upcoming regulations.

Research and white papers

We publish several white papers for our sectors of expertise. You can access them here.

We are also regularly contributing to academic research.


We collaborate with several expert groups and policy makers across the world to ensure security remains appropriate and realistic for our clients.

Our team is involved in the following initiatives:

Our founder

Cédric Lévy-Bencheton

Our founder, Dr. Cédric LÉVY-BENCHETON is a recognised expert in security with a focus on critical infrastructure sectors and the Internet of Things. He is expert in strategic advisory and understands the importance of security to protect business objectives. Cédric believes that security must become more proactive to better anticipate upcoming threats.

Previously, Cédric worked at ENISA, the European Union Cyber Security Agency, where he create the areas of Smart Infrastructure and IoT security, the concept of Security for Safety and promoted security-by-design and cooperation. Several of his guidance and recommendations defined key areas of the NIS Directive.

Cédric also led a team of security experts and designed critical networks for public transports. He was also a researcher in telecommunications and has obtained a Ph.D. in Telecommunications from University Lyon in 2011. He has been a keynote speaker in high-profile conferences and has several publications in cyber security.