4 days
Project and product managers, security experts new to IoT, developers, IoT manufacturers and startups

IoT SecurityIoT systems are complex and are challenging to secure, knowing that a vulnerability can present a risk to safety and privacy.

In this 4-day training course, participants will become subject matter experts in IoT security. You will understand the differences between IoT and IT security, discover how cyber attacks can compromise IoT systems, and learn how to implement IoT security to protect a solution at every stage of its lifecycle. We will conceive our own secure IoT solution (no programming required) to apply what we learn during this course.

This training course is ideal for non-technical participants such as project and product managers, new IoT manufacturers and startups, who want to learn the basis of IoT security. This training course is also built for developers and security experts who want to update their knowledge on IoT security.

This training integrates elements of the ENISA IoT guidelines and OWASP IoT Top 10.


  • Understand the security challenges of IoT systems
  • Get up to date with the latest security threats and vulnerabilities to IoT systems
  • Be able to assess IoT threats and risks for devices, networks, mobile applications and cloud systems
  • Analyse cyber attacks on IoT system and understand the kill chain.
  • Learn about good security practices and how they apply to prevent cyber attacks
  • Be able to apply the concepts of security and privacy by design
  • Understand the future of IoT security


  • Introduction to IoT systems and their differences with IT systems
  • The security challenges of IoT
  • The threats to IoT systems and the risks on users, systems and the society
  • Deconstructing high-profile cyber attacks against IoT
  • Good security practices and bad security practices for IoT (at several levels: governance, organisational, operational and technical)
  • Application of these good security practices to prevent the cyber attacks previously analysed
  • Security by design: how to secure project management and product development
  • Privacy and GDPR for IoT
  • Beyond good security practices: standardisation, certification, label
  • The future of IoT security: AI, blockchain, SDN and dynamic networks

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