ICS and OT Security

ICS and OT security have different constraints than traditional IT security. Discover how to secure critical assets whilst taking into account operational requirements.

Do not use IT security to secure your Operational Technologies

In Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technologies, traditional IT security measures cannot always apply (e.g. patching) and can create unacceptable risks. These systems are cyber-physical and have strong requirements to preserve safety.

A good cyber security for ICS and OT must consider the constraints of these environment to better secure operations.

We have experience in the following sectors:

At cetome, we develop and implement security measures adapted to ICS and OT systems to protect your critical assets with no disruption on operations. For that purpose, we work directly with asset owners and OT operators to understand their requirements and minimise the impact on the business.

Know your security posture

Assess your current ICS/OT security posture, your main risk, and receive recommendations for your improvement roadmap.

Increase your cyber resilience

Implement an efficient security programme to increase your resilience against cyber security risks. We recommend using relevant standards such as ISA/IEC 62443 or NIST.

Secure the safety of your systems

Deploy security measures that protect the safety of your systems. This is particularly relevant for cyber-physical systems and new technologies (such as Industrial IoT).

Our services to secure your ICS and OT environment