If you are an operator of Industrial Control Systems and Operational Technologies, we implement appropriate security measures to protect your environment from cyber risks without disruption on your business.

Security Risk Assessment

We assess your existing security posture around ICS/OT security from an organisational, operational and technical point of view.

You receive:

  • An overview of your existing security posture and main risks
  • An improvement roadmap and security recommendations
  • An easier way to implement security (e.g. know who does what and when)

Security Management for ICS/OT

We help you develop an efficient ICS/OT security programme to reduce the cyber risks you face.

You receive:

  • An overview of your current security measures for your ICS and OT
  • Security measures adapted to ICS/OT to reduce your cyber risks
  • Tools to manage and measure your ICS and OT security (e.g. framework, roadmap, KPIs)

Security for Industrial IoT

We ensure that your new connected systems do not introduce risks to your legacy assets.

You receive:

  • A better understand of IoT risks
  • An assessment of your existing security measures
  • A list of security measures adapted to Industrial IoT

Awareness and Training

We help you get a better understanding on the challenges to better secure ICS and OT systems.

You receive:

  • A better understanding of security challenge of ICS and OT systems
  • Knowledge on security solutions and their usage, including standards (ISA/IEC 62443, NIST)
  • Real-life case-studies on security failures and successes

More Information on ICS and OT Security

Cetome understands the constraints of ICS and OT systems where traditional IT security measures cannot always apply (e.g. patching).

At Cetome, we develop and implement security measures adapted to ICS and OT systems.

We work with operators of ICS systems in the following sectors:

  • Smart Cities and Smart Buildings
  • Industry 4.0 and manufacturing
  • Transport and automotive
  • Energy and Smart Grid
  • Healthcare