Cyber Governance

Make your security strategy successful

Align security with your business priority

Security is a journey and your strategy is a map: governance makes you stay on course!

A strong cyber security governance will rationalise your investments and make security support your business and operations.

Improve your visibility on cyber risks

Every company is doing security, even when it is informal! When our clients want to implement their cyber security governance, our first step is review the existing practice.

We will work together to identify which cyber security risks apply to your business, how you are protected today and what is missing.

You will benefit from a holistic vision of your security posture, its gaps and areas of improvement.

Note: we usually recommend an approach based on international standards and frameworks like the NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISA/IEC 62443 or ISO 27001.

Consolidate your strategy

Once you have a good vision on your security posture, you can develop a strategy to protect your business against cyber risks.

You want to consolidate your supply chain security, implement a Zero-Trust Architecture, create an vulnerability management programme or shift-left to be more proactive against new threats?

We will work together to clarify how you can do it successfully and efficiently. We will identify actionable steps to support your vision with a roadmap, a budget and a planning!

Strengthen your leadership

Security is the combination of people, processes and tools, in that order.

Do you need to convince your board to get a budget? Do you need clear indicators to measure progress? Are you confident your suppliers are proving their value for money?

We will work together to make your security investment a win-win. With cetome, you will successfully implement your priorities, achieve your objectives and improve your maturity level.

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