Cetome is an independent security consultancy

In our connected world, security is part of our daily lives. Yet, we noticed that security is difficult and often seen as a burden. We saw organisations spend a lot of money and effort on security/privacy, with little results. Moreover, the consequences of cyber attacks and data breaches have a negative impact on their operations, finance and reputation.

We started Cetome with the desire to help these organisations do the right thing at the right time!

We work with organisations to help them secure their business, products or services.

We support your journey to be secure and stay secure by implementing security and privacy into your business with the objective to minimise the corporate risks.

We help you fulfil your obligations to be compliant and stay compliant with your legal and sectorial requirements.

Above all, we are flexible in our support – we understand your business constraints and make sure that security integrates seamlessly into your operations.