Security and Privacy Consultancy

Securing a business is not easy! With the constant evolution of cyber risks and new regulations, security and privacy become strategical investments.

Cetome is your trusted security advisor

Cetome is an independent security consultancy. At Cetome, we accompany you to protect your corporate priorities.

Cetome goes beyond the technical aspects of security. We develop adapted solutions to better protect your business, prepare your staff to face security and privacy challenges and secure what is important to you.

Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory

Cetome helps you develop your security strategy and optimise your costs.

Security for Innovative Solutions

Security for Innovative Solutions

Cetome is your trusted expert to secure innovative solutions such as the Internet of Things or Blockchain.

Information Assurance

Information Assurance

Cetome supports your information security governance and risk assessment to better prepare against cyber incidents.

Awareness and Training

Awareness and Training

Cetome raises your security awareness and trains your staff to protect your business effectively against cyber threats.

Why Choose Cetome?

We think security must support the business

Cetome understands that security must adapt to your environment, your corporate strategy and the regulatory landscape with the objective to reduce your business and operational risks.

We believe collaboration is key

Cetome collaborates with all relevant stakeholders to understand your current level of security and define priorities to improve your security posture.

We raise awareness on risks and solutions

Cetome enhances the security awareness to the board and to operational staff on threats and risks with the objective to better prepare your business against cyber incidents.

We go beyond technical solutions

Cetome follows a holistic approach to security and privacy, to secure your business priorities. We adapt our solutions to your organisation, its culture and its processes.


White Papers

Incentives for IoT Security: This white paper discusses possible incentives for IoT security.