Awareness and Training

Boost your cyber skillset

Security is an evolving topic. To stay on top of it, it is important to regularly evaluate and improve security knowledge, share experience and strengthen the security posture!

Our training courses offer this possibility to our attendees.

We also offer individual coaching and mentoring opportunities tailored to your needs.

Create a stronger security posture

Security can be complicated with multiple domains and a lack of expertise. We have developed several trainings to improve your security posture in important areas: the NIS Directive, IoT security and Security Governance.

In all our trainings, we ally theory and practices with real-life use-cases to better apply security in our daily activities.

Learn about new security topics

Security is in constant evolution. With new attacks, new standards, new regulations, it is important to do the right thing at the right time!

From raising awareness to the board to supporting non-security in their daily activities, you will acquire a good understanding of existing challenges and solutions to better secure your business.

Adopt a positive security culture

Security is often seen as an obscure IT matter.

In reality, everyone can contribute to security at its level. A positive security culture considers security as a support to your daily activities: this actually reinforces your global security posture.

Tackle the cyber skill gap

The cyber skill gap is a hot topic: there is not enough security specialists! In our trainings, non-security professionals can acquire relevant security skills related to their job.

Coaching and Mentoring

Security is a wide domains with more positions than candidates. Through coaching and mentoring, new talents can contribute to reducing the cyber skill gap.

At Cetome, we believe anyone with an interest in security can become a professional! For that purpose, we provide individual coaching and mentoring sessions to anyone with an interest in security.

Why get our coaching and mentoring?

We help students and non-security professionals start their career in security. We also support security professionals when they face challenges or want to evolve in their career.

With our individual coaching, you benefit from one-to-one sessions where you receive personnal advice and support to your security questions. This is the perfect opportunity to acquire new skills, identify solutions to your challenges and tackle your imposter syndrome.

Contact us to boost your cyber security skills.