Policy and Processes

Make your security stronger

Policies and processes define how security measures are implemented. They formalise security to offer a better protection across the business.

With Cetome you benefit from a stronger security posture. We will develop and improve your security policy, processes, procedures and playbooks that support your security strategy. As much as possible, we follow a Security-by-Design approach (also known as DevSecOps).

Do the right thing

It is important for your security documentation to be clear and relevant to your business. We review your existing documentation to evaluate its efficacy. We develop your policies, processes or playbooks to improve your security posture.

Ensure adequate security policies and processes

We review and develop your security policies and processses to make sure they remain clear, applicable and relevant to your business.

Clarify roles and responsibilities

Define the roles and responsibilities for your security management, including reporting lines and escalation thresholds for your internal staff and external partners (such as third-party suppliers).

Prepare for compliance audits

Get ready for compliance audits around internal security requirements, regulations (such as the NIS Directive) or standards (such as ISO 27001, IEC/ISA 62443-2-1).