Technical Review

Do the right thing at the right time

Ensure your security is fit for purpose

You are doing security and rely on several technical measures to support your policies and strategy. With the rapid evolution of threat landscape and regulations, you must ensure that your security measures work as intended to protect you and your business:

Benefit from a technical review to consolidate your security governance and ensure the efficacy of your policies and processes.

Evaluate your technical security measures

You have carefully chosen and integrated security into your processes or projects? You have defined a baseline and are confident you manage cyber security risks appropriately? Or maybe you want to know how you comply with international standards.

We will work together to assess your current security measures and ensure they are fit for purpose to protect you from cyber security risks.

Improve your security implementation

You have identified gaps in your current practices or want to implement the way security supports your business. For example, your current vulnerability management is creating friction, or you want to improve your visibility on supply-chain security.

We will work together to implement security measures that are fit for purpose to fulfil your requirements and protect your business.

Prepare with cyber exercises

The best way to prepare against a cyber incident is through practice. And the easiest way to practice without disruption is through cyber exercises and simulations.

We will work together to organise cyber exercises to help your staff practice and check your preparation against threats. You will receive adapted recommendations to bridge your gaps and strengthen your security posture.

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