4 days
Operators of Essential Services, Competent Authorities, Head of OT, security managers, infrastructure managers, security consultants

In this advanced session, we will explore how to implement the NIS Directive successfully. We will analyse the Cyber Assessment Framework to better understand which appropriate and proportionate organisational and technical security measures can lead to achieve compliance.

In this 1 day awareness session, participants will learn about the NIS Directive and its requirements. The session explains how to assess the current readiness level, and how to develop a roadmap towards compliance.
It also presents a list of security requirements for the NIS Directive based on ENISA guidelines and the UK NCSC Cyber Assessment Framework.
This session will also explain how to become more proactive by integrating specific elements from the NIS Directive into the business.


  • Understand the requirements of the NIS Directive
  • Discover the Cyber Assessment Framework
  • Know how to use CAF profiles
  • Understand the Security Objectives of the CAF
  • Know how the CAF outcomes interact with each other
  • Analyse the requirements behind Indicators of Good Practices (IGP) and the IGP tables
  • Be able to understand your security posture in regards with the CAF
  • Be able to implement appropriate and proportionate security¬† measures
  • Be able to complete a self-assessment "not achieved" / "partially achieved" / "achieved"
  • Better prepare to a NIS Directive assessment.


  • Introduction to the NIS Directive and explain why it exists
  • The obligations of the NIS Regulations (UK implementation)
  • Introduction to the Cyber Assessment Framework
  • Objective A of the CAF: Managing Security Risk
  • Objective B of the CAF: Protecting against Cyber Attacks
  • Objective C of the CAF: Detecting Cyber Security Events
  • Objective D of the CAF: Minimising the Impact of Cyber Security Incidents

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