We help you improve the security awareness from the board to the operational staff, with the objective to better prepare your business against cyber risks. Awareness is key to effective security and privacy.

Introduction to the NIS Directive

The NIS Directive – Awareness Session

Duration: 1 day
Audience: CISO, safety and security managers, GRC and security experts, infrastructure managers

In this 1-day awareness session, you will understand your obligations under the NIS Directive, know how to assess your current readiness level, and how to develop a roadmap towards compliance.

This training course is ideal if you want to measure the impact of NIS Directive on your business.

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The Cyber Assessment Framework

The NIS Directive and the Cyber Assessment Framework – Advanced Session

Duration: 4 days
Audience: UK Operators of Essential Services, UK Competent Authorities, Head of OT, security managers, infrastructure managers, security consultants

In this advanced session, we explore how to reach compliance with the NIS Directive. You will understand what is behind the Cyber Assessment Framework and the Indicators of Good Practices in order to better assess your current security posture and identify areas of improvement to reach a partially or fully achieved status.

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IoT Security

IoT Security – Challenges and Solutions

Duration: 4 days
Audience: Project and product managers, security experts new to IoT, developers, IoT manufacturers and startups

IoT security is a challenge! In this training, you will learn how to secure a complex IoT system to protect it against cyber security risks. You will understand the differences between IoT and IT security, discover how cyber attacks can compromise IoT systems, and learn how to implement IoT security to protect a solution at every stage of its lifecycle. We will conceive our own secure IoT solution (no programming required) to apply what we learn during this course.

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Security by Design

Security by Design

Duration: 3 days
Audience: Software developers, IoT manufacturers (product teams, engineering teams, developers), non-security technical subject matter experts

Security by Design makes security always more efficient and cheaper by integrating it at the early stages of a project.

In this training, you will learn how to embedded security into the existing processes by establishing a list of requirements at the early stages of a project. You will know how to secure your supply chain, use security assurance mechanisms throughout the development process and understand how to provide continuous security support after release.

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Security Governance – The NIST Cyber Security Framework

Duration: 2 days
Audience: CISO, security teams, GRC experts, risk managers

The NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) is a governance framework that helps organisation integrate security into their corporate strategy.

In this training, you will understand the different elements of the NIST Cyber Security Framework, know how it applies and how to use it to improve your security governance.

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Penetration Test

Understanding a Penetration Test

Duration: 1 day
Audience: project managers, developers, security programme managers

This training clarifies the definition of a penetration test (or pentest). A penetration test is a security risk assessments that is important to identify existing vulnerabilities.

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