Cetome enhances the security awareness to the board and to operational staff on threats and risks with the objective to better prepare your business against cyber incidents.

Awareness and Training are key to effective security and privacy

Our Offer on Awareness and Training

IoT Security – Challenges and Solutions

Duration: 4 days
Audience: Project managers, Security experts with no experience of IoT, Developers, IoT manufacturers, Startups

An IoT system is a system of systems, each element having its own complexity. It is a challenge to secure each elements individually and operating as a system. Today's IoT systems are poised with vulnerabilities that present risks to safety and privacy, with potential impacts on a business.

In this 4 days training course, participants will learn become a subject matter expert in IoT security. Starting from the differences between IoT and IT systems, we explain why IoT systems are vulnerable to cyber threats and introduce several element to secure them. Throughout this training, we will conceive our own secure IoT solution (no programming required) to apply what we learn during this course.

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Security by Design

Duration: 3 days
Audience: Software developers, IoT manufacturers (product teams, engineering teams, developers), non-security technical subject matter experts

Security is always more efficient when defined at the early stages of a project. This is the principle of security by design. A good security by design integrates multiple aspects that go beyond technical.

In this training, we will explain how to embed security into processes at every stage of a solution's lifecycle: from its conception, its deployment and operation, and until its end of life.

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The NIS Directive – Awareness Session

Duration:  1 day
Audience: CISO, security managers, infrastructure managers, security experts

The NIS Directive brings new obligations to operators of essential services. It defines their role to prevent and report cyber incidents, with specific liabilities. The NIS Directive is as important as the GDPR and applies to every organisation that does business with a Critical National Infrastructure operator.

This training course is ideal for Chief Information Security Officers, safety managers, GRC and security experts, and infrastructure managers.

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Security Governance – The NIST Cyber Security Framework

Duration: 2 days
Audience: CISO, security teams, GRC experts, risk managers

The NIST Cyber Security Framework (CSF) is a governance framework that helps organisation integrate security into their corporate strategy. The NIST CSF employs a risk-based approach to define adequate security controls to mitigate these risks. The NIST framework is a great tool that allows security to adapt to a business.

In this 2 days training course, participants will learn to use the NIST CSF to assess their current security posture and enhance the security posture to mitigate identified risks.

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Understanding a Penetration Test

Duration: 1 day
Audience: project managers, developers, security programme managers

This training clarifies the definition of a penetration test (or pentest). A penetration test is a security risk assessments that is important to identify existing vulnerabilities.

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