Security-by-Design / DevSecOps for IoT

Secure IoT products throughout their lifecycle

Duration: 3 days

Audience: Software developers, IoT manufacturers (product teams, engineering teams, developers), non-security technical subject matter experts

Level: Advanced

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Security by Design / DevSecOps for IoT

The principle of Security by Design integrates security at the early stages of a project to make it more efficient and effective.

In this 3-day training course, we learn how to embedded security into the existing processes at every stage of a solution’s lifecycle: from its conception, its deployment and operation, and until its end of life. You will learn to establish a list of requirements at the early stages of a project, know how to secure your supply chain, use security assurance mechanisms throughout the development process and understand how to provide continuous security support after release. For every stage, you will be able to identify roles, responsibilities and accountabilities around security.

This training course is ideal for software developers, IoT manufacturers (product teams, engineering teams, developers), and non-security technical subject matter experts. This training course is also built for security technical experts who want to extend their knowledge or support project and product development.

You will study a real-life example where security by design helped an IoT manufacturer save several millions of pounds while developing an IoT system that integrates third-parties with various technologies (devices, mobile apps and Cloud).



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