NIS Directive

The NIS Directive requires Operators of Essential Services (OESs) to strengthen their cyber security. At cetome, we accompany OESs in their NIS Directive journey!

Make the NIS Directive an opportunity

The NIS Directive is the the GDPR of critical infrastructure. This new cyber security regulation which requires Operators of Essential Services to invest in cyber security measure. This is an opportunity to formalise and improve existing security practice in prevention of a cyber attack.

We have experience in the following sectors:

At cetome, we support Operators of Essential Services and Digital Service Providers achieve compliance with with the NIS Directive.

Simplify your compliance effort

Assess your existing security posture and identify improvements to fulfil your legal requirements.

Ensure your security is fit for purpose

Ensure your security improvement plan covers and protect your business from the risks you face without disruption, from documentation to effective implementation of standards and guidance (such as ISO 27001, IEC/ISA 62443, ENISA, NCSC).

Understand your obligations

Attend our training courses to understand your obligations and know what constitutes a successful NIS Directive implementation.

Our services will make your NIS Directive journey a success.

Cyber Governance

Cyber Governance

Integrate the NIS Directive in your security strategy and identify your priorities

Policy and Processes

Policy and Processes

Integrate security in policies and processes to fulfil your NIS Directive compliance requirements

Our NIS Directive training

We have developed an in-depth training on the NIS Directive and the CAF:

The NIS Directive and the CAF

The NIS Directive and the CAF

Achieve NIS Compliance with the Cyber Assessment Framework

  • Audience: UK Operators of Essential Services, UK Competent Authorities, Head of OT, security managers, infrastructure managers, security consultants
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Level: Advanced