The new EU Directive on security of network and information systems (or NIS Directive) brings new obligations to operators of essential services and digital service providers. They must implement appropriate security measures and report serious cyber security incident within 72 hours. The NIS Directive is the GDPR of critical infrastructure: maximum fines for a major breach can reach several hundred thousand Euro and up to £17M in the UK.

The NIS Directive is an opportunity for businesses to adapt their security and minimise the risks caused by a cyber attack on the society.

The implementation of the NIS Directive faces several challenges. There is currently a low awareness on the directive, a lack of clarity on the organisational and technical security measures, and several EU Member States are still working on its implementation.

Cetome helps you identify your security requirements to comply with the NIS Directive

We work with operators of essential services, infrastructure owners and solution vendors to ensure their security complies with the NIS Directive.

Cetome has experience in the following sectors:

  • Transport, including railways and urban transport
  • Healthcare
  • Energy including Electricity and Oil & Gas
  • Internet infrastructure

Our NIS Directive Offering

Cetome has developed a comprehensive set of solutions to prepare and comply with the NIS Directive.

NIS Directive Readiness Assessment

We identify and improve your existing security measures and gaps in the protection of your service.

Appropriate Security Measures

We define and implement appropriate and proportionate security measures to protect you from the risks you face.

Process Adaptation

We make security integrate into your existing processes seamlessly.

Security for Legacy Systems

We develop security measures to protect your legacy systems and critical assets from cyber attacks.

NIS Directive Compliance Programme

We drive your NIS Directive compliance by defining appropriate security measures and supporting their implementation.

Awareness and Training

We present to your board and to your staff their obligations and what constitutes a successful NIS Directive implementation.