About FAST, the Friendly Assessment of Security and Threats

FAST is a revolutionary approach to automatic threat modeling.

FAST will simplify the lives of your developers and reduce your vulnerabilities in your products.

Our free tool demonstrates the power of FAST on extremely complex IoT systems.

#FAST revolutionary automatic threat modeling

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What is #FAST?

#FAST is a revolutionary methodology and tool that automate threat modeling and accelerate security-by-design.

#FAST speeds up the threat modeling and risk assessment of your product aligned with new regulations:

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Our revolutionary FAST methodology for automatic threat modeling and security-by-design:

FAST Methodology

I want to adapt FAST to my use-case

You will need FAST Premium to adapt FAST to any use-case. FAST Premium contains:

All these options and much more are available in FAST Premium. FAST Premium is available to cetome customers. You want to receive access to FAST Premium? Contact us!

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About cetome

cetome is an independent cyber advisory with a recognised expertise in IoT security. We work with IoT manufacturers to embed security-by-design in their products, train their teams and improve their cyber resilience. This includes the development of accessible and usable vulnerability disclosure policies.

About the Author

Dr. Cédric LÉVY-BENCHETON is the CEO and founder of cetome. Cédric has expertise in IoT security. He previously worked at ENISA, the European Union Cyber Security Agency.