Cetome accompanies you to be compliant with your security obligations from regulations and standards, including NIS Directive, GDPR, ePrivacy Directive, ISO 27001, PCI DSS, and more.

Compliance is an opportunity to develop efficient security and privacy measures that will protect your business against cyber threats and data leaks.

Be Compliant

Strategic Advisory

We advise you on your security strategy with the objective to minimise risks. Our vision goes beyond technical and integrates your business needs, your processes and your people.

Security Governance

We accompany you to enhance your security governance according to your corporate objectives and priorities. We define and implement the elements that will facilitate your security decisions.

Compliance Programme

We audit your security posture around a set of security requirements from well-identified standards and regulations. We ensure the adequacy and compliance of your security controls by developing recommendations with key actions, actors and milestones.

Security Optimisation

Your security posture must adapt to what you do and what you want to secure.

We assess your existing security posture and optimise it against your security objectives and industry standards, making it easier to reduce your security costs throughout their lifecycle.

Awareness and Training

It is important to understand how to make security effective without disrupting the business. This requires an approach to goes beyond the technical aspects of security.

We raise awareness and train your staff and management to better understand the risks you face, the security measures you can take and your obligations.

More information on our awareness and training programmes