We have developed several solutions to support medium to large-size organisations that have identified security challenges and need support to achieve their objectives in terms of capabilities, skills or resources.

We have developed a strong and proven methodology where we work hand-in-hand with you and your stakeholders to rationalise your security investment and improve the protection of your business against cyber risks.

IoT Security

IoT Security

If you are an IoT manufacturer, a service provider or a user in consumer IoT or Industrial IoT, we make sure your solution is secure against cyber threats.

More information on our solutions for IoT Security.

EU Cybersecurity Act

EU Cybersecurity Act Certification

If you are a manufacturers or a developer of IoT solutions, we help you prepare to the new EU Cybersecurity Act certification scheme.

More information on our solutions for the EU Cybersecurity Act.

Introduction to the NIS Directive

NIS Directive

As an Operator of Essential Services or a Digital Service Provider in Europe or in the UK, we support your compliance journey with the NIS Directive.

More information on our solutions for the NIS Directive.

Data Protection

GDPR and Data Protection

We support your organisation in maintaining GDPR compliance and ensuring the data you handle remain secure.

More information on our solutions for GDPR and Data Protection.