One standard to rule IoT Security: EN 303 645

Discover the challenges of IoT security and learn how the ETSI EN 303 645 standard can help fix this mess!

Duration: 1/2 day

Audience: Project managers, programme managers, future IoT security experts, software developers, non-IoT security consultants, senior management

Level: Easy

Price: £300 / 350€

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One standard to rule IoT Security!

How often can we see a new vulnerability with millions of IoT systems compromised, affecting our privacy and our safety? Too often! Why are we still seeing this kind of vulnerability after years of good practices? In most cases, developers are NOT aware of the risks, they DO NOT KNOW what to do to avoid this issue.

If this is not the world you want to live in, this training will teach you how we can fix IoT security!

In this half-day awareness session, you will discover how IoT cyber security is different than IT security. You will learn the important points to secure IoT systems and what is the expected baseline to comply with new cyber security regulations. We will study multiple real-life examples to understand security challenges, and discover how EN 303 645 can help to secure IoT systems throughout their lifecycle.

The goal of the course is to offer successful professional strong bases on IoT security. If you desire to reconvert to IoT security, this is the right place to start! The content remains accessible to non-security experts. There is no coding and no hacking involved.



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