Jump like Eloyse

Like Eloyse, jump over the cyber skill gap

Who is Eloyse?

Eloyse is an elite French long jump athlete who has the objective to qualify to Paris 2024.

Her palmares:

After a break, she's back and we are proud to support her!

Presentation of Eloyse Lesueur-Aymonin

Source: Eloyse Lesueur-Aymonin

A word from Eloyse Lesueur-Aymonin

I joined the competitive circuit in 2008. I competed internationally until 2020, when I decided to have a break. This was the most important break of my career as I gave birth to my son. Today, I am training to get back to my best level for the Olympic Games in Paris 2024 and for the international Championships in 2023.

A word from Cédric Lévy-Bencheton, our CEO

We are honoured to support Eloyse in her objective to Paris 2024! Eloyse is a great champion. Her character and her motivation are an example to all of us. Allez Eloyse!

Why do we support Eloyse?

Long jump and cyber

Long jump and cyber both demand methodology and professionalism to know what to do, and when. Moreover, you can only achieve your objectives by training regularly to become better and stronger.

We can make many other parallels between elite long jumpers and cyber security, awareness, resilience and regulations.

Our corporate responsibility

At cetome, we make cyber work by helping our customers do the right thing.

As part of our corporate responsibility, we believe in doing the right thing too! For that purpose, we decided to support Eloyse whose skills and dedication are an example to all cyber practitionners.

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About our support

cetome supports Eloyse through the Fondation du Sport Français under the Mécénat d'Entreprise scheme.

About the Fondation du Sport Français

The main mission of the Fondation du Sport Français, Fondation Henri Sérandour is to promote sport as a vehicle for social cohesion, through innovative and replicable actions aimed at supporting, developing and facilitating social and professional integration in and through sport, health prevention through sport and the promotion of sport for people with disabilities. It also aims to create and develop the conditions for corporate involvement in the field of sports sponsorship. The French Sports Foundation was recognised as a public interest by decree on 24 August 2011.

About cetome

cetome is a human-sized cyber advisory focusing on Internet of Things and critical infrastructure. Our mission? Make cyber work to better protect you against cyber attacks.