If you are a manufacturer or a developer of IoT solutions, we help you prepare to the new EU Cybersecurity Act certification scheme.

Readiness Assessment and Preparedness

We assess your readiness against the requirements of the EU Cybersecurity Act and advise you on how to better prepare for certification.

You receive:

  • A better vision of your security posture and priorities
  • Evidence of your current security posture
  • A clear roadmap to achieve compliance

Security Measures for EU Cybersecurity Act

We implement security at every stage of your solution's lifecycle to reach the requirements of the EU Cybersecurity Act for your products, services or processes.

You receive:

  • Security measures mapped to existing standards/guidance
  • Formal tools to assess your security posture (e.g. framework)
  • Evidence to prepare for certification

Certification Support

We review your security implementation and prepare you to achieve certification for the three assurance levels of the EU Cybersecurity Act.

You receive:

  • Assurance that your solution is secure
  • Certification of your solution. We work with accredited partners to provide the highest level of certification.

Awareness and Training

We help your team and board better understand the EU Cybersecurity Act, its requirements, challenges, and implementation so that it can benefit your business and operations.

You receive:

  • Bespoke training on IoT security and the EU Cybersecurity Act
  • A better understanding of your security requirements

More Information on the EU Cybersecurity Act

The European Union Cybersecurity Act creates a European-wide certification scheme for ICT products, services and processes. This will improve IoT security, as customers can have better visibility on the security of IoT solutions.

The EU Cybersecurity Act proposes three levels of security assurance:

  • Basic, which requires a conformity self-assessment. This is suitable for smart home, toys;
  • Substantial, which requires a technical review by a third-party. This is suitable for Industrial IoT, CCTV systems;
  • High, which requires a certification by an accredited body. This is suitable for safety-critical IoT, automotive.

The EU Cybersecurity Act makes security a business enabler: it is anticipated that customers will require IoT products to be certified. For example, operators of essential services will require certified IoT devices to comply with their NIS Directive requirements.

Cetome supports IoT manufacturers and solution providers to enhance the security of their products, services and processes. We assess your existing security and support your compliance to ensure you can align with the requirements of the EU Cybersecurity Act.